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international cargo transport

EURODAY CARGO provides full service in domestic and international freight transport. We are here to provide internal and international transport SOLUTIONS for your SPECIFIC needs.

international cargo transport, freight company

We provide transport to any location in Europe, by modern trucks and with experienced drivers.

EURODAY CARGO has the following means of transport:
◦ 1.5 vans;
◦ 2.8-3.5 light-lorries, with a capacity of 36-40 m3;
◦ 20 tons trucks, 13.6 m long, with a capacity of 90 m3 (equipped for the transport of dangerous goods);
◦ 20 tons Mega Trucks, 13.6 m long, H = 3 m, with a capacity of 100 m3;
◦ 20 tons controlled temperature trucks.

During the transport, customers are kept up-to-date with all the details of their cargo, permanently receiving information.

You can always request a price quotation or more info about this type of transport.